infected toenail

Things you should know about Infected toenail.

infected toenail picturesIn today’s world around 35 million people suffer from the infected toenail, nail fungus is one of the most widespread of its kind. It is a potential risk for victims of all ages.  An infected toenail is a result of some kind of fungi or mold is invading your toenail. Dermatophytes are microscopic fungi which usually the main cause of infections to your nails, skin and hair.  Depending on the location the name of fungus changes, but usually to the infected toenail, fungus affects the nail bed rather than a deep tissue. Toenail fungus is a health issue which needs to treat properly.

Infected toenail causes

Dermatophytes are the main reason for nail fungal infections, and it is also to blame for a couple of other issues like the ‘athlete’s foot’ and ‘jock itch’.  Because these infections are very contagious, the affected people will constantly shed tiny fragments of infected skin. Therefore, when you walk barefoot in wet places like saunas, gym or swimming pools, you are at a high risk of getting this infection.

Below given are some of the main reasons for infected toenail.

Yeast Infections: Almost 8% of all nail fungus issues are attributed to yeast or candida infections and are more common in people who are more exposed to moisture.

Moulds: Mould related nail infections mostly affects toenails.

Skin Conditions: Diseases like lichen and psoriasis can make your nails thickened or have them separated from a nail bed.

Public Pools or Showers: The hot and humid atmosphere of public pools or shower is perfect place for fungi to grow and thrive.

Beauty Salons: Used nail clipper or other equipments used in salon can be a reason for nail fungus, as most salons maintain proper hygiene, some don’t, and they ignore sterilization of their equipment after using it.

Infected toenail symptoms

Some of the symptoms of infected toenails are discolored nail or yellow patches on nail, thickened and brittle, pain or swelled up skin. One very painful sign is your nail becomes separated from your nail bed. In some cases pusInfected toenail formulates under infected toenail or around it.  In some cases, people experience pain in fingertips or toes, even a bad odor. Itchiness in nails is also one of the sign of a possible nail fungal infection. Avoid scratching nails to protect it from spreading to other nails on your hands and toes.

If you’re experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it is possible that you’ve nail fungus. You must consider the ways to treat it quickly and effectively.

Infected toenail precautions

Even though there are no sure methods to prevent toenail fungus infection, there are few things you can do to reduce the chances of getting nail fungus. Precaution is better as this fungus is very contagious, and rather avoiding situations where one can get fungus.

Here are some steps you can take care: Never share equipment like clippers, footwear and towel that come in to contact with other persons. While using public pool or shower, use shower shoe or protective sandals. Wash your feet regularly and keep it dried up and clean.  Change your socks and shoes regularly.

Infected toenail Treatment

There are various treatments available for infected toenail, like topical, oral antifungal medication or some alternative therapies. Some medicines described by doctors and some are natural. There are some alternative therapies used to get rid of nail fungal infections include tea tree oil, vinegar or Vicks. However, there is no scientific proof that these therapies does work.

Other option is going with laser treatment for toenail fungus. But depending on research, Zetaclear is considered to be very effective for treating toenail fungus, its natural ingredients are considered very effective on fungal infection.

Infected toenail treatment  needs time to work and one has to be patience and regular in use of these medicines to get a good result.